Compare SyncML

Comparing NotifyLink to SyncML

  • NotifyLink's solution syncs both email and PIM, whereas with SyncML they will additionally need an IMAP email client to sync email. This is very awkward in that two pieces of different
    software will be needed per device to provide email and PIM sync with SyncML. With
    NotifyLink email and PIM synchronization are integrated into one solution creating a simpler
    user experience and easier support environment.
  • Regarding the Palm Treo, Notify has developed multitasking capability for the Palm Treo
    which enables the NotifyLink client to perform tasks in the background. SyncML on a Palm
    Treo will not have that capability.
  • NotifyLink provides OTA down load and simple device provisioning. With SyncML user will
    have to enter their SyncML credentials and server information.
  • NotifyLink provides greater device security features such as password enforcement, remote
    device wipe and lock options should the device become lost or stolen. SyncML does not
    have this ability. Point this out by asking this question...what happens when the Chancellor's
    device is lost or stolen? What happens with the information that is stored on the device?
  • With SyncML, the users SyncML credentials are stored unencrypted directly on the device.
    NotifyLink stores this information in a database encrypted with AES encryption and stores no
    email or PIM credentials on the device.
  • NotifyLink includes device monitoring features that greatly assist with troubleshooting
    potential challenges for example information such as battery level, signal level, memory
    availability, last synchronization time, etc are available in a real time basis to better support
    the wireless user. End user support for SyncML is difficult at best because it interfaces
    directly with the messaging server bypassing the usefulness of having middleware. Because
    SyncML lacks a device management features interface, there is no way to remotely monitor
    and troubleshoot the wide variety of end user challenges. End user troubleshooting and
    support is very cumbersome and limited with SyncML.
  • SyncML provides poor BlackBerry support, if any at all

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