What Is Notifylink?

What Is NotifyLink?

NotifyLink is MiddlewareA piece of software that connects two or more software applications, allowing them to exchange data. software that syncronises your email and PIM data "Over the Air" (OTA) across a wide selection of mail servers and broad choice of wireless network technologies and devices, including Blackberry's, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian platforms.

It provides users with the ability to compose, reply, forward, and delete email whilst maintaining constant synchronisation between the wireless device, laptop, office and home PC's. Calendar, Contacts and task updates are sent in both directions.

So, if you send an email from your mobile it will appear in the 'Sent Items' on your office and home PC's. If you add a contact to your hand held device, it will appear in your 'Contacts' folder on your email system too.


How Does It Work?

  This animation shows basically how the 'On Premise' version works.


  • Real Time Synchronisation of Email, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks
  • Sync your Google Apps data with your mobile device
  • Initiate and accept appointment and meeting requests
  • Secure end-to-end encryption
  • Compose, Reply, Delete & Forward from Wireless Device
  • Robust Filtering 
  • Support for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian 9.1 and i-phone 3G
  • PushData such as an email can be sent to a PDA automatically by the Server, without the users input Notification 
  • Does not Require an "Always-On" desktop computer to sync phone
  • Enable or Disable Email Synchronisation from your Wireless Device 
  • Supports a variety of wireless carriers, mailservers and networks
  • Remotely Lock and Wipe, lost or compromised Blackberry handsets and SD cards
  • Uses alternative Ports to Active Sync's port 80 and 443

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