Meeting Maker

Sync Meeting Maker to iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm

Announcing NotifyLink Support For:
  • Virtualization
  • 64bit processor on Windows


New NotifyLink 4.5 Features for Meeting Maker

Device Clients

  • Direct Push” or “Scheduled Push Capability for any BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile wireless handheld
  • Mobile Web Client for user configuration changes and account information and statistics
  • Two level audible alert notification for email
  • Enhanced Password Security
  • Remote wipe of SD card
  • Lost device display message
  • Confirmation message back to server that device has been erased
  • Support for Symbian 9.1 Operating System for Nokia Series 60 Rev 3.


  • Support for multiple email platforms simultaneously
  • Default action for messages that do not match any filter criteria
  • Support for SyncML enabled Smart Phones

System Administration

  • Administrative Login Levels
  • Admin specified authentication password
  • Automatic alerts sent to Admin of new NotifyLink releases for server and clients
  • Remote device configuration
  • Remote lock out of end user device settings
  • Device settings can be “pushed” out to the device based on Support Staff Admin levels
  • Define User Class (allows various configuration info to be assigned to a specific group of users
  • Added Department, Asset Tag, and Device Phone Number fields to the stored user information
  • New fields added to device list Device Type, Phone Number, Push Setting, Roaming, & SD Card Status
  • New view options check device status, File list, Search
  • Send information OTA (NotifyLink Updates or 3rd Party Apps, or files) to device by user class
  • Lock Device down at registration time (forces PW on device set by admin)
  • Back up NotifyLink data on device for device restoration purpose
  • Capacity Planning Statistics for System and Individual users
  • Over 30 monitoring subsystems for various NotifyLink internal services

Please Review the Release Notice or your contact NotifyLink Representative for more detailed information regarding features and changes.

Upgrade steps:
To upgrade your existing NotifyLink deployment, please visit the following link for both instructions and the upgraded software.

Click here to upgrade

For additional information or to trial the NotifyLink for Meeting Maker solution, please contact your Notify Representative.

Click here to download the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker data sheet.
Click here to download the NotifyLink On Demand for Meeting Maker data sheet.


The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker offers customers a very rich set of wireless synchronization features for calendar events, scheduling meetings, accept or decline meeting requests. In addition The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker will allow users to enjoy wireless synchronization features of their IMAP email as well. including the ability to read, compose, reply, forward and delete emails; view and edit attachments;. The solution offers full end-to-end security, with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) /Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connectivity.

The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker supports all popular wireless devices, including RIM’s all BlackBerry, all wireless PalmOS devices including the Palm Treo, and a variety of Windows Mobile Smartphones from companies such as Samsung and Motorola. For more information on supported devices with NotifyLink Enterprise Edition click here. The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker is compatible with popular wireless network offerings from major carriers including AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and others.

The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker communicates directly with the Meeting Maker mail server, with all organizational data stored behind the firewall. Data is transmitted directly to wireless devices, with no intermediate data repositories, and all data is sent fully encrypted. In addition to support for the wireless devices and carriers named above, the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker also supports key networks, including GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA/1XRTT/EVDO and any Palm or Windows Mobile PDA that supports any 802.11x network.

For more information on the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Meeting Maker click here.

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