On Premise

How NotifyLink On Premise Works

The "On Premise" solution works in much the same way as the "On Demand" version, except that you would host the email and NotifyLink Enterprise servers inside your own corporate network.

Email Reconciliation

When using NotifyLink, emails will be synchronised to a user's mobile device. Any email forwarded to the mobile device must meet any filter criteria specified by either the individual user or various policies established by the IT administrator. All email originated from the mobile device will be synchronised with the user's desktop "Sent" file. A copy of all items sent from the device will be maintained within your organisation's mail server. If a user deletes an email on the mobile device, NotifyLink can automatically place that email in the "Trash" folder on the users desktop. Users may also specify that upon reading an email on their mobile device, the status of "Read" will be updated back at their desktop.

Message Filtering

NotifyLink supports a robust set of filters that are controlled by the mobile end-user. Filters can be set based upon keyword searches in the subject, sender, and body of each email, recipient type, sender, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Attachment Support

NotifyLink supports native attachment download and upload for *Symbian, Windows Mobile and PalmOS wireless devices as well as attachment support for a variety of Blackberry phone devices. In addition, NotifyLink provides user configurable attachment support regarding information about the number of attachments, names of the attachments, and sizes of the attachments. This information is made available as part of the email displayed on the mobile device. NotifyLink also gives users the ability to forward an attachment to any other email user.

Mobile Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks

NotifyLink provides bi-directional mobile synchronisation of the user's Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. Regardless of whether the information was initiated from the mobile device or at the user's desktop, the information will be transmitted wirelessly, keeping personal calendars continually up to date at both the server level and the mobile device level.


For data encryption from the NotifyLink Server to the wired or wireless device, NotifyLink supports both Triple DES and the latest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithms.

For mobile device to NotifyLink Server authentication, NotifyLink supports AES authentication.

For data encryption from the NotifyLink Server to the email platform, NotifyLink supports SSL connectivity.

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