Deployment Options

There are three main deployment options for NotifyLink Enterprise Server :-

NotifyLink Enterprise Server "On Premise" - NotifyLink Enterprise server is installed inside your corporate network. You wil require server and technical resources to install and maintain this. London Web can assist with Installation, support and maintenance in harmony with your internal resources and requirements.

NotifyLink Enterprise Server "On Demand" - We provide all the required NotifyLink components in our secure datacentre for "instant" provision. Your email server needs to be open to our NotifyLink servers. You  can scale your requirements with no investment required on additional hardware or technical resources to manage the servers. You can still have full control on managing NotifyLink deployments throughout your organisation with all the features and benefits of the "On Premise" solution.

Hosted Email with NotifyLink "On Demand" - London Web take care of the complete technical solution at our secure datacentre. Our business quality hosted email solutions can deal with the most challenging of scenario's for deploying clean, secure, spam free email direct to the desktop, via the web or on your phone. Our hosted collaborative email solutions allow full Outlook data sharing features across selected accounts. Share public folders and individual's calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. By adding NotifyLink "On Demand" to our hosted email solutions you can relax knowing that wherever you and your colleagues are in the world you can be effective and in touch wherever you are, safe in the knowledge that London Web's excellent business quality service and support is looking after your email solution end to end.

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