NotifyLink is THE "Over The Air" solution for your business that synchronises a wide range of mobile devices to your Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.  It all happens automatically, so as soon as you send an email from your PC, it will appear in the 'Sent Items' of your phone.

For more info go to the What Is Notify Link? page





NotifySync is the brand new Blackberry Activesync solution for users to synchronize directly with their mail server using ActiveSync over the air (BIS/BES or TCP/WiFi connectivity required). It will also provide secure wireless email and PIM sychronisation and Global Address Look Up capability. Remote Lock and wipe is supported. NotifySync is the perfect BlackBerry Exchange Solution. NotifySync can also connect BlackBerrys to Office 365

For more info go to the What Is NotifySync? page


A total Mobile Device Management service providing iPhone MDM, iPad MDM, Android MDM and BlackBerry MDM


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